European Market Infrastructure Regulation

European Market Infrastructure Regulation

Central clearing of OTC derivatives

For the purpose of determining applicability of the clearing obligation under EMIR art. 4 and 4(a) the Pension Fund for Technicians- and Bachelor of Engineering (ISP)
is a so-called “FC-”.

Further, ISP is a pension scheme arrangement within the meaning of Article 2(10)(b) of EMIR. ISP has been granted exemption from the clearing obligation by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.


Please note that ISP Pension entered into delegated reporting agreements with all current counterparties.

Legal entityPensionskassen for teknikum- og diplomingeniører
EMIR categorizationFC
Reporting PartyCounterparty
UTI generating partyCounterparty

Contact in respect of EMIR reporting:

Portfolio Reconciliation and Dispute Resolution

ISP Pension has adhered to the ISDA 2013 EMIR Portfolio Reconciliation, Dispute Resolution and Disclosure Protocol.

ISP Pension has adhered to the protocol as a Portfolio Data Receiving Party.

Contact in respect of portfolio data, discrepancy notices and dispute notices: